Frequently Asked Questions

  1. In spite of being connected to Eduroam, the network connection may be broken frequently. What should I do?

    * You should check whether you have the newest wireless/ethernet card driver. If not, you can follow the steps given in " " to update your driver softwares.

  2. While connecting to Eduroam network, which password and username do I use?

    *You shoud use the BOUN e-mail username and password.

  3. The system does not admit my password. What shoud I do?

    *First, check the correctness of your password. For this purpose, you can login "" with your username and password.

    If your password is correct, you must be sure that there should not exist Turkish special alphabet characters (“ü, i, g, ö, ç, s , * , ? , …”). If there exists, you should change your password without using these special characters.

  4. I forgot my password or I want to change my password, what should I do?

    *If you defined "secret question" from "", you can change your password by using your question. Otherwise, you must come to offices listed below with your ID card:

    • Computer Center - South Campus
    • ETA-B Computer Center Office - North Campus
    • Computer Center Office - Kandilli Campus
    • Computer Center Office - Kilyos Campus

  5. Previously, I was able to connect Eduroam network. After I changed my password, I could not reach Internet. What shoud I do?

    *Windows 10 users: You should open “ Settings > Network & Internet > Manage Wi-FI settings” find Eduroam and select “forget” this network .

    * Windows 8 users: Within your wireless profiles, find Eduroam, then remove Eduroam profile. After removing, try to connect again with your current password.

    * Windows7,Vista,XP users: If you save your password, you should uninstall SecureW2 software and reinstall SecureW2 by following the steps in

    * Intel Proset series software users: You can change your password from "Profiles" and "Security Settings".

    * Mac OS x 10.5 & 10.6 users: You can change your password "Network>802.1x" panel.

    * Mac OS x 10.7 & 10.8 & 10.9 & 10.10 users: You should remove installed Eduroam profile and install eduroam profile from the very beginning.

    * iPhone ve iPad users (iOS): You should remove Eduroam profile from "Settings>General>Profiles", then install the profile from the very beginning by following the steps given in

    * Android users: You shoud remove the installed settings of "Eduroam" from "Settings>WiFi>eduroam", “Forget This Network” , by following the steps in

    * Linux users: You can change your password from " Wifi> Eduroam> Network Settings".

    * Symbian users: You can change your password from "PAP settings".

  6. I am Windows XP user, I can not install SecureW2 software properly, What shoud I do?

    *"Service Pack3(SP3)" must be installed in your Windows XP. If SP3 is not installed, you should update your windows. Then, you can try to install SecureW2 software again.

  7. I am Windows 8 & 10 user and have installed SecureW2 software, but I cannot connect Eduroam network. What shoud I do?

    * If you installed SecureW2, you must remove SecureW2. You can connect Eduroam network by only using password and username.

  8. For Operating System that I use, I could not find the settings to reach Eduroam network in your website. What shoud I do?

    * To connect Eduroam network, your system must support 802.1x standard and TTLS&PAP protocols. The authentication protocols that Eduroam network uses, are international standards. Hence, they cannot be changed.

    Known unsupported system:
    • Windows 8
    • Blackberry systems.
    • Symbian S60V4 and previous versions.
    • Kindles (except Fire)